Smartphone mobile adaptor mount for telescopes binoculars spotting scopes universal compatible



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  • Adaptor mount for connecting your mobile phone to telescopes/ binoculars
  • Now make the most your mobile camera and capture images of Moon, planets, stars, ISS etc as seen through telescope
  • Capture special events like Blood Moon, Super Moon, Copper Moon, ISS transit across Moon, and so on
  • 2-way compatibility: The mount is compatible with most smartphones and fits most telescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes
  • The mount supports telescopes / eyepieces between 1-2 inch width/ diameter
  • The mount itself also has a 1/4 inch receiver adaptor for being mounted on a tripod if needed
  • Sturdy metal construction and easy to operate
  • Rubberised foam fittings to ensure your mobile phone doesn’t get scratched

Notes/ FAQs

1. The camera of the phone can be towards any side (left/ right/ center of the phone) – all are supported as the bracket can be turned in any direction

2. Only the adaptor is included. Smartphones, telescopes, binoculars and other equipment shown in images are for illustration only and are not included with this purchase

3. Width of phone between 54-90 mm supported. The bracket may not support oversized phones and phone-tablet hybrids.

4. While the mount is compatible with most phones and telescopes/ binoculars, we take no responsibility for compatibility issues with any specific model.

5. No returns on spare parts & accessories