National Geographic 50AZ Telescope – Excellent for Kids and Beginners



National Geographic 50AZ Telescope

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National Geographic 50AZ Telescope

  • 45mm refractor telescope with fully coated glass optics and a lightweight frame
  • Observe in no time with a quick and easy, no-tool setup
  • Accessories include: 2 eyepieces, 1.5x erecting eyepiece, star diagonal mirror, a finderscope
  • Adjustable height tripod includes an accessory tray

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 45/600 AZ telescope is well suited for an introduction into the exploration of space. A small finder scope makes it easy for beginners to find celestial objects, while different eyepieces allow for different magnifications. A 90° diagonal mirror together with a continuously adjustable tripod always provide an easy view to young explorers and newcomers.


  • beginner telescope and accessories
  • tripod height individually adjustable
  • also suitable for observations of the landscape


  • Refractor telescope
  • Continuously adjustable aluminum tripod
  • 5 x 24 viewfinder
  • 2 eyepieces
  • 90° diagonal mirrror
  • 1.5x Erecting lens
  • Astronomy software
  • Star map

Introduce your kids to the world of astronomy with the National Geographic 45/600 AZ Refractor Telescope. It comes with everything they need to get started, including a tripod base and 2 eyepieces with different magnifications.

The telescope has a diagonal mirror that makes observations more comfortable – just look down into the eyepiece to see an upright image. And the included viewfinder makes it easier to pinpoint objects in the night sky.

Look at the planets, stars, nebulae and more – the easy-to-assemble altazimuth mount lets you move the telescope up or down, and left or right, without having to adjust the tripod.

About this item

  • A National Geographic refractor telescope with azimuth mount and up to 100x magnification to enter the world of astronomy. Perfect for observing the moon, neighboring planets and our earth.
  • With a lens diameter of 45 mm and a focal length of 600 mm, a good light collection performance is achieved. The diagonal mirror also enables land observations.
  • The azimuthal mount allows easy alignment to the night sky.
  • Dimensions: 10x20x70 cm / Weight: 998 g


Field of application
Field of application
  • Land observation
  • Lunar observation
  • Planetary observation
Focus group
Focus Group Beginners
Product family
Product Family Refractor telescope
Optical design Achromatic Refractor
Magnification from 50
Magnification up to 150
Mirror/Lens diam. 45 mm
Focal length 600 mm
Finderscope 5 x 24 mm
Software Stellarium Astronomy educational software
Colour Yellow
Material tripod3 Aluminium with plastic parts
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 0.97”
Mount Type Azimutal

Note: 45-50mm Refractor on AZ Mount is called 50AZ, Hence we use the term 50AZ to denote any telescope having lens size 45-50mm and is based on alt-azimuth mount. The term 50AZ will not be printed on the telescope, it is a description not a model name

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  • This item is not returnable
Warranty for this Product:
  • 1 year limited warranty provided by manufacturer. Buyer to contact manufacturer directly for any warranty related concerns.
  • For technical support on how to use the product etc, our team will share manuals, PDFs and other online resources as available. Telescopes take time, effort, patience and practice to operate. Our team will provide only basic guidance
  • Buyer to check all parts for any manufacturing defects, damage or defect at time of accepting the product. Thereafter any complaint or physical breakage will not be covered in warranty
  • Warranty not applicable on accessories like eyepieces, viewfinder/ finder scopes, lens holder, batteries etc
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Focal Length

600 mm

Telescope Mount Type

AZ (Alt-Azimuth) on Tripod

Telescope Optics Type


Tracking Type