Solar Eclipse Glasses for Observation of Sun! Witness the solar eclipse safely without injury! (Economic)



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  • Simple and Economic
  • Made from professional solar filters (filters made in USA and CE + ISO certified)
  • Filters harmful rays of sun and makes it FULLY SAFE to veiw the Sun
  • 100% approved for direct solar observation
  • View solar eclipse and other special events
  • View sun on any regular days also without limitation, by using these glasses/ goggles
  • Provides reddish orange sharp view of Sun!
  • Can be used by kids as well as adults! Just make your own fold-line for better fitment!
  • Excellent for educational trips, fun activity at schools and observatories, astronomy workshops etc.

Note: We dispatch this product via speed post/ reputed courier, but exact actual date of delivery cannot be promised. We have no control on courier/ transport person’s operations nor on any delays due to internal workings of transport networks etc. You are responsible for ordering well in advance of the eclipse so that it reaches you before the event. Cancellations on account of glasses did not reach in time for the eclipse will not be allowed.

This product cannot be returned/ cancelled.

Note: This is an economy product. If you are looking for a premium quality eclipse viewing glasses please click:

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