Set of 3 Eyepieces (1.25″ Kellner) for Telescopes – Threaded K25mm K10mm K4mm



  • Includes 3 eyepieces – 25mm, 10mm and 4mm
  • Metal and optical glass solid build
  • 1.25 inch diameter
  • Coated elements
  • All eyepieces are threaded and compatible with 1.25″ filters/ barlows
  • Great Starter Kit
  • 25mm gives low magnification, wide angle contrasted views – best suited for stars, constellations, bright nebulae
  • 10mm gives medium magnification with detailed views – best suited for Lunar observation, views of Jupiter with its moons and high level view of Saturn and its rings
  • 4mm gives high magnification for detailed observation of lunar surface structures and craters, Bands on Jupiter’s surface and magnified view of Saturn and its Rings. Can also use for viewing Mars, Venus
  • Most of the expensive telescopes come with only 1 eyepiece, and usually it’s a Low magnification 35/40/32mm eyepiece.When bought separately, eyepieces can cost a lot of money, sometimes ranging from 3000 – 15000 per eyepiece and even much more. Sometimes cost of accessories can exceed the cost of your telescope itself! Buy this set of 3 eyepieces for enhancing the power of your telescope and seeing at higher magnifications without burning a hole in your pocket! This set is a great way to upgrade your telescope’s power.
  • Each eyepiece has its own elegant white ABS protection case
  • If you do not want to purchase all 3 and just need 1 or 2 of them, please reach out to us via whatsapp (separate units subject to availability)

If the product shows as out of stock/ sold out, simply whatsapp us on 7760075625