Neutral Density Filter by GSO (ND96-0.3) 50% Transmission



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Neutral density filters are excellent filters to reduce the overall brightness of an image to cut down glare while viewing bright astronomical objects through a telescope. They are useful for splitting binary systems, comfortably observing the moon, or stacking with other planetary filters. ND filters retain true color balance of the objects being observed since all wavelengths are transmitted uniformly over the entire spectrum.

This ND96 neutral density filter allows 50% of the visible light to pass through. It has a standard 1.25″ male filter thread (M28.5×0.6) so it can be screwed on to virtually any astronomy eyepiece or accessory that has 1.25″ filter threads. Also features a standard 1.25″ female filter thread on the other side, so it can be stacked with additional filters. Comes in a protective plastic storage box. Metal filter cell with high quality optical glass substrate. Made in Taiwan.