2X Barlow Lens Fully Multi Coated (FMC) With inbuilt T-Adaptor Threads



1.25″ 2X Barlow Lens Magnifying Power, compatible with all kinds of telescope having 1.25″ focuser. Fully multicoated lens (FMC). Super achromatic. Premium Quality. Inbuilt T Adaptor M42 Threads to directly connect to T Ring

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This premium quality 2x barlow lens doubles the magnification of any eyepiece it is used with, and at the same time also serves as a t-adaptor to connect your DLSR to the telescope without requiring a separate t adaptor

  • 2X Magnifying Power
  • Has 1.25″ threading to fit any 1.25″ focuser
  • Fits any telescope regardless of type (refractors/ reflectors/ compound/ cassegrain etc)
  • Fully multi coated lens
  • Buying a barlow effectively doubles the number of eyepieces you have. (if you have 4 eyepieces and you buy a barlow, you effectively have 8 eyepieces because you can use each eyepiece with and without barlow, giving 2 different levels of magnification)
  • Machined metal build with brass ring and thumb screw
  • Inbuilt T Adaptor (M42 threads to connect to T-ring)

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